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Plant Safe Ice Melter

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Hi All and welcome to EcoGrit, where our aim is to help protect our environment by reducing the use of rock salt and urea, whilst at the same time offering customers “peace of mind” over the winter period. We offer a safe & convenient way to reduce accidents around the home and if carried in your vehicle, the lesser chance that you become stranded in icy conditions resulting in abandoning your vehicle.

Our products are only sent direct to the consumer and are helping keep places of work, education, worship and construction open. We also supply councils, delivery drivers, taxis, logistical companies and anyone with workers out on the road. Our products are non-corrosive, safe for children, plants & animals (even if ingested), and can be used or stored year after year without any problems.


Thanks to EcoGrit’s natural products that do not include rock salt or urea, which are both toxic to animals, your pets can be kept safer this winter while your paths and driveways remain free from ice, frost and snow.


Slips and trips on icy patches and snowfalls is one of the most common injuries seen by hospitals in winter. Use EcoGrit to keep your surfaces free from slippery ice and you and your loved ones up on your feet.


EcoGrit is safe for porous surfaces such as concrete as it doesn’t contain any rock salt or harmful chemicals. Only natural ingredients are found in EcoGrit, which can flow harmlessly away with the melting ice and snow.


Getting your car off the driveway and out onto the main road can be the hardest part of a winter journey when frozen ice and snow make the driveway impossible to navigate safely. EcoGrit can get you on your way.

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Lets not slip and prepare for the winter!

Handheld Ice Melt Shaker – 1.2kg

Handheld Ice Melt Shaker – 1.2kg

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5kg Ice Melt bucket with scoop

5kg Ice Melt bucket with scoop

£19.99 Excl VAT

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1.2kg handheld shaker & 5kg bucket with scoop – Non Corrosive
3 x 1.2kg handheld Deicer Spreader

3 x 1.2kg handheld Deicer Spreader

£16.66 Excl VAT

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20 x 1.2kg Handheld Shaker

20 x 1.2kg Handheld Shaker

£99.99 Excl VAT

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Buckets of Ice melt

Buckets of Ice melt

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We are AG test product

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1 Tonne Deicer Salt Bag

1 Tonne Deicer Salt Bag

£875.00 Excl VAT

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Bucket Pallets – 1 to 5 layers (20 units per layer )

Bucket Pallets – 1 to 5 layers (20 units per layer )

£360.00£1,540.00 Excl VAT

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Plant safe ice melt: protecting the environment

The age-old problem of how to clear ice, frost and snow from driveways, paths and gardens safely, without harming the wider environment, is something that could well be coming to an end. The traditional methods of using rock salt to clear ice and snow have been proven to be extremely harmful, so more and more people are turning to safer, more environmentally friendly alternatives that do not pose a risk to humans, animals or plant life.

Choosing a plant-safe ice melting method needn’t mean compromising on quality either, with modern formulae providing ice clearing results that are a match for rock salt, if not superior.

Why shouldn’t I use rock salt?

Rock salt is a strong chemical also known as sodium chloride, which can cause a great deal of damage to the surfaces it is spread on and the plant life, animals and human beings that come into direct contact with it. Rock salt is toxic and can cause irritation and salt burns to both people and animals, while it mixes in with surface water and negatively alters soil quality by displacing potassium, phosphorus and other minerals that are essential for healthy plant growth.

How to melt snow on the lawn without using untreated salt.

The good news is that there are excellent landscape safe ice melter products out there that do not contain rock salt or other harmful ingredients such as urea. EcoGrit is a naturally derived, organic plant-safe de-icer that works on lawns, garden beds and other surfaces down to temperatures of minus 20 degrees C. EcoGrit gently clears ice and frost from lawns, grass and flower beds to help protect plants from the effects of frost and make the areas safer to walk, work in and play on in the winter.

Apply an even sprinkling of the organic de-icer, EcoGrit up to seven days ahead of anticipated frost to stop ice forming. It is safe to leave down, as it will not affect the soil quality, nor harm any surface water or nearby ponds or streams. The lawn-safe ice melt can be left to sink into the ground near tree roots and shrubs too, as the social formula has been designed to remain safe for plants of all sizes.

What’s the safest solution to clear driveways and paths near flower beds and grass?

If you are looking for a garden-safe de-icer that will clear the concrete, paving or asphalt areas around your house, then EcoGrit can tick all the boxes. Not only will it clear frozen water effortlessly and safely from your paths and driveways, it is also perfectly safe for your family and your pets to walk on, as there are no toxic ingredients that will irritate the skin or damage vehicles, clothing or shoes. The water produced by using the garden safe ice melter will simply flow into nearby garden beds and grass and enter the ecosystem, harmlessly and with no ill effects.

What makes EcoGrit the best plant-safe de-icer out there?

EcoGrit is a natural, organic ice melter that contains no rock salt, urea or other ingredients that could pose a threat to the wellbeing of plants or the wider environment. The highly effective, lawn safe de-icer is easy to apply using a shaker, scoop or by hand and comes in a variety of convenient sizes to suit gardens and surfaces of all areas and types. It can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door for use whenever you need it most.

EcoGrit is also highly effective for schools seeking to keep their playgrounds and outdoor areas safer and communal areas with plants and flowers that need to be protected for the enjoyment of all who see them. It is also extremely useful to keep inside your car or vehicle for easy de-icing on the move.

Make sure to use an ice melt that is specifically labelled as plant-safe, and that does not contain and rock salt (sodium chloride) or urea. These toxic ingredients can destroy soil quality and adversely affect water systems, making it harder for plants to thrive and wildlife to stay healthy.

Read the ingredients list carefully on your ice melt products before applying it to a lawn or grassy area. Make sure your chosen product does not contain rock salt (sodium chloride) or urea, and that it is naturally derived and organic to keep your grass safe and healthy. When applying your lawn-safe ice melt, try not to step on the frozen lawn too much, as you could damage the grass plants underfoot.

Look for de-icers that state on the packaging that they are plant-friendly and urea free. They must not contain any rock salt (sodium chloride) as this can cause chemical burns and ruin soil quality, affecting the healthy growth of your lawn. Look for an organically derived product too, for optimum performance and peace of mind.

Using a plant-safe de-icing product such as EcoGrit on your garden is perfectly fine, do long as you follow the instructions on the packaging. Allow the product time to do its work before stepping onto frozen grass or plants too much, as this could cause unnecessary damage. Melted water from the de-icer will run harmlessly off into flower beds and the ground without damaging surrounding plants or habitats.

Depending on how long you have got before you need your lawn to be free from ice, and how sunny your garden gets during the day, you could wait and let the ice melt naturally as the day warms up. If you need quicker results, the best bet is to use a specially formulated, garden-safe de-icer that will melt the frost and ice more quickly without causing harm to the ground or surrounding plants and wildlife.

Handy Hint #1

Keeping your container open in the house in the warm will allow EcoGrit to become drier and free-flowing allowing for it to be spread more evenly and with less product needed.

Handy Hint #2

Mixing 100g of EcoGrit to a litre of water will create a deicing spray ideal for steps (and bird tables).

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