Why EcoGrit Concentrate

Why EcoGrit Concentrate?

EcoGrit Concentrate is safe, even if used in large quantities. It is made up in part from repurposing waste products from the cereals industry. It is a biodegradable, natural de-icer, non-corrosive and harmless to wildlife, pets or humans. EcoGrit Concentrate actually protects metals it comes in contact with rather than rusting it and works down to temperatures of -20 Centigrade.

Because it can work in really low temperatures, the ground doesn't re-freeze therefore it doesn’t need putting down every day, even when it is really cold.

EcoGrit Concentrate can be stored safely, even in large amounts and is good, year after year. It should be kept in dry conditions as it is soluble in water.

Since it is soluble in water, take some of the granules(50-100g/litre), mix them with cold water then use in a spray bottle and create a liquid de-icer that can be used for many purposes as will be mentioned below.