Eco friendly ice melt

Works Better & Faster For Longer

Hi All and welcome to EcoGrit, where our aim is to help protect our environment by reducing the use of rock salt and urea, whilst at the same time offering customers “peace of mind” over the winter period. We offer a safe & convenient way to reduce accidents around the home and if carried in your vehicle, the lesser chance that you become stranded in icy conditions resulting in abandoning your vehicle.

Our products are only sent direct to the consumer and are helping keep places of work, education, worship and construction open. We also supply councils, delivery drivers, taxis, logistical companies and anyone with workers out on the road. Our products are non-corrosive, safe for children, plants & animals (even if ingested), and can be used or stored year after year without any problems.

If you have any questions at all, then please contact us via this site or social media. Our aim is to help educate, serve and work with you whilst protecting what’s dear to you.

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Pet Friendly Forumla

Works For Up To 7 Days

Works Down To -20 °C

Use Early To Stop Ice Forming

EcoGrit Concentrate prevents/melts ice & snow in car parks, farmyards, playgrounds, walkways, gardens, steps etc.

Safe around children and pet-friendly.


More economical as it causes no damage to concrete, tarmac or metal.

So protect yourself, your premises and your pocket this winter.

Better value than salt/rock salts.

Effective at lower temperatures
Lasts much longer (depending on conditions)
Lower application rate - granule spreads more evenly

Environmental Benefits

Biodegradable natural de-icer
Doesn’t harm wildlife
Harmless to marine and aquatic life
Doesn’t cause toxic algae blooms
Greatly reduces long term environmental impact.