20 x 1.2kg Handheld Shaker

£99.99 Excl VAT

EcoGrit Concentrate
20 x 1.2kg Handheld Bottles
with double shaker cap
20 x 80 square metres

Price includes P&P (UK Mainland only)



This 20 shaker box comes delivered for only £119.99

Each shaker stands  20cm tall, weighs about 1.2kg and can cover a single area of about 80 m2.

Its the perfect size to keep in the glove box or boot of your vehicle.


Ideal for

  •  Christmas presents
  • small businesses with staff (so they can get to work)
  • businesses with a number of entrances (fire-exits)
  • used car sales
  • schools
  • clubs and organisations etc.


  • Pet-friendly
  • garden-friendly
  • safe around children
  • non-corrosive
  • no-refreeze because it works at -20C and below
  • biodegradable
  • concentrated so less bulky


EcoGrit Concentrate is safe to use in any situation. It is in granular form meaning it breaks down so small that there is no mess getting walked into buildings or vehicles.

Our product dissolves as it melts snow and ice and creates a deicing layer on the ground that doesn’t re-freeze, even at low temperatures meaning you don’t need to put it down every day.

With a liberal sprinkling, a path can stay ice-free for up to 7 days, depending on conditions.



Since our product is non-corrosive, (datasheet available on website), it doesn’t damage tarmac, concrete or any of the new materials being used today like resin driveways. It also contains rust inhibitors, creating a protective barrier for any metalwork it comes in contact with.



  • EcoGrit Concentrate is soluble
  • just add between 50-100g to a litre of water and shake/mix it. You then have a safe liquid de-icer
  • use it on steps, windows, handrails, bird table, anywhere you can think of really.


For ideas on where this product can be used, please read our about section.

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